How often should I get a massage?

A question not often ask out loud, but more thought over when desperately searching for a therapist who can get you in last-minute. I find myself sometimes thinking I should have planned better than to wait the day of to want a massage. We all get busy and distracted from the pain in our bodies so much that we don’t notice until we get a moment to ourselves.

You can a get a massage as often as you like, once a day a really wanted too. When in dire need of working out lots of tension and knots I would say once a week, or once every two weeks. This allows you and the therapist to really work together the get the body healing. The therapist can track what is working and what might need something different. A massage therapist, like another therapist, shouldn’t be afraid to recommend others who might be able to do something they cannot.

As a LMT I recommend getting a massage at least once a month. This helps prevent stress, tension in previously worked area, or allowing those knots to reform. In doing a once a month massage you can also see how your treatment plan is working for you. If you needed to tweak the plan, then you have time to do so. It also allows for you to secure a spot in your therapist’s books, meant for you and only you. This way you don’t have to scramble the day of trying to find some relief from tight, achy, shoulders.

Don’t wait to get a massage until you are rock solid and in super amounts of pain!





Stephanie Friedersdorff, LMT (College Station, TX)

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Author: Stephanie

Licensed massage therapist living in College Station, TX. Training for a marathon in 2019. Team Gluten Free!

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