Have you ever been watching or listening to something soothing to you, and you experience a static tingle feeling in your head? Like someone took a head massage tool and started to give you a scalp massage. You could be experience what is called ASMR, and has blown up in the recent years.

If you are are obsessed with massage as I am, then you might have spent some late night watching massage videos. Before I even started at massage school I would Youtube “Indian Head Massage” where I got hooked on Baba. Watching his head massage videos gave me a soothing “tingle feeling” in my head, making me relaxed and very sleepy. Whenever I was having a stressful day, I would play these videos to put myself to sleep.

Well, after watching some head massage videos more massage videos came with the tag ASMR. I thought, what the heck is that? ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, which according to Wikipedia, is described as “…an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine”.

Usually these triggers are sounds, such as the rubbing sound created by a head massage, spray bottle to wet the hair, hairbrushes, or many others. All you have to do is google ASMR and you can hundreds of videos with different triggers. Click HERE for an interesting article about it.

So whats the big deal? When in need of some much needed relaxation in between work, home, and appointments ASMR might work for you! I am particular to the massage videos, and like videos involving spray bottles. When I can’t get in to see my massage therapist, I like to unwind before bed with 10 minutes of these videos. That’s all it takes until my eyelids get so heavy I am passing out.

Just like our other options out there for relaxing, not everyone experiences this phenomenon. Some people will never experience it, and some who can will become almost immune to it over time. Still, for those who can and can keep feeling the tingles these videos can help reduce anxiety and stress when you find the right triggers.

Give it try with Baba, and follow the Youtube rabbit hole towards more ASMR! Leave me a note in the comment below if you felt the tingles, and if so what triggered them. Should more LMTs be making massage videos?


Stephanie Friedersdorff, LMT (College Station, TX)

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Author: Stephanie

Licensed massage therapist living in College Station, TX. Training for a marathon in 2019. Team Gluten Free!

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