My name is Stephanie Fridersdorff, license massage therapist of 1.5 years and certified doula currently living in College Station, TX. I graduated Western Michigan University in 2009 with a bachelors in Philosophy and Communication Studies. Since then I have attended Louisiana Institute for Massage Therapy, Kendall College for culinary, and Madriella for my doula certifications.

I married the love of my life, Anton, in 2016. He is attending Texas A&M, obtaining his PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Our daughter Francesca is in the 2nd grade with a passion for math and majestic sea flip flops (skates and manta rays). She has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and I choose to go as gluten free as I can with her.

Massaging is a passion, with my aim to help clients relax and heal. Massage is great as a preventive from stress related tensions, and even to aid in the body’s healing from injury. Check out my blog for articles on stress and healing, as well as other massage related posts!