Why am I so thrilled to be a massage therapist and a massage therapy instructor? Besides the fact that is feels heavenly when you are done with a massage, it also helps out the body. I mean, just look at this well made info-graphic (that I totally did not make, I am cool but not that cool):


Not enough? Check out this article about Cortisol and stress levels:

Cortisol: Why the “Stress Hormone” Is Public Enemy No. 1

What can massage do for that? Massage is shown to reduce tension, stress, lower blood pressure, and help with anxiety and depression. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system, and allows for the body to slow down.

You can also use massage to aid in injury recovery. While massage cannot heal disease and it is not a substitute for a doctor, massage is recommended for some of the basics pains. I had a client recommended for massage by her doctor to work out her rotator cuff muscles. He wanted to try all available avenues before surgery, so he sent her off to get massage. Several 30 minute appointments later, she no longer is in need of surgery and she was able to lessen her dosage for headache medication.

Many professional athletes make sure to work into their budgets and days time for massage and therapy. This is why I love when professionals talk about their daily routine and how they keep themselves healthy! Competitive muscle men and women? We got them too!

Extreme Bodybuilder Massage | Opening Up

These are just some examples on what massage can do for you. People think massage is a luxury, that you only get when someone gets your a gift certificate, or once in a blue moon. Massage is for everyone, at any time.

Take back your health today with a massage!